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Our mission is to be our customers’ trusted partner, leveraging complete security business solutions for our customers to focus on their core business. Registered under the Private Security Organisations Act in Uganda , we are a born and bred security providers since 2019.  From humble beginnings, 7-Guardian Security Group has grown to be amongst the top-notch providers in Uganda of reliable services through our work ethos that is based on the following tenets:

Integrity – we dont faulter on the truth, we stand with it

Commitment – We focus on the job with resolve as steel

Professionalism – We do what we know and know what we do…we have the eye on the ball

Ingenuity and Creativity – We learn and adopt, create and find new ways to life and to business

People – We are people, we love our people our service is for and by people

Customer Centric  – we are because the customer is, we prime on our customers and

Reliability – A great name is prized beyond any experince, we pride in meeting you at your point of need.

We stand shoulder to shoulder with our clients to improve our experience and enjoy the service.

Our Mission: To Provide Reliable Security Solutions for a Safer Environment

Our Vision: To become a leading innovation company with a satisfied Clientele and Employees as a Top Notch Company for Security Solutions

Why 7-Guardian Security Group?

We are a service centric organisation poised to deliver unique customer experience

We listen to the demands of our Customers and adopt to new and unique environments

We deliver according to our promise and ensure service continuity

We pride in our people….we train, motivate, challenge and inspire our people to serve

We ensure security is delivered in fullness….our business is to ensure safety of people and their property

Our Values

S – Security is our Core Business to provide safety

E – Efficiency is our goal to perfect what we do

C – Commitment is our work-ethos to provide firm partnership

U – United is our objective to be of the same mind with our Client, Employees and in Service

R – Reliability is our principle we purpose to be promise keepers on our proposals

I – Integrity is our prime, we value truth and practice it

T – Talent is our strength we train and equip, skill and do knowledge transfer we sharpen our talent

Y – Yes we are at your service and at 7-GS Security is our Business – Rest Assured.


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Holisticly predominate extensible testing procedures for reliable supply chains top line service cutting edge deliverables.

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7- Guardian security Group is registered under the Private Security Organisations Act in Uganda , we are a born and bred security providers.

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©2021 7GS. All rights reserved.          Site by Brand Impressions

©2021 7GS. All rights reserved.          Site by Brand Impressions