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From humble beginnings 7-Guardian Security Group has grown to be amongst the top-notch providers in Uganda of reliable services through our work ethos that is based on the following tenets:

We don't faulter on the truth, we stand with it
We focus on the job with resolve as steel
Unarmed Security Services
- UnSec

7GS provides a well trained unarmed security personnel quipped with restraint tools .
Armed Security Services
- ArmSec

We leverage trained armed security services as part of our provisioning.
Electronic Surveillance
- TSTSec

Closed Circuit Television, Motion Detection and Reporting, Electronic Fencing –
Canine Security Services
– K9Sec

We provide a world class standard trained Canine Dogs able to provide security.
Event Security Services
- PipoSec

We provide a premier service to leverage Security for Conferences, Workshops..
Residential Security Services
- ResideSec

7GS provides planned residential security surveillance patrol and …
Construction Site Security
- ConSec

GS provides an all round security for construction sites to prevent pifferage
Hospitality Security Services

7GS leverages the Hospitality Services Division as a team trained to meet the security
Oil & Gas Security Services
– OGS+

The Oil & Gas Security Team is particularly sharpened in addition to our training
Retail Security Services

A Retail Security Service that provides protection of property and lives
Asset Security & Vehicle Tracking
- GPSec

7GS delivers solutions for Corporate Asset protection Using GPS location devices
Cash in Transit Security

7GS provides Cash-In Transit Security that includes Armoured Vehicles …
Education Facilities Security
– EduSec

7GS provides security to Education institutions and schools …
Retail Security Services

7GS provides protection of highly valued personnel that require personal security
Finance & Banking Security
- FinSec

7GS provides holistic security platforms for the Banking and Finance Sector.
Private Investigations
– Privi

7GS is licensed to provide support for private investigations.

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7- Guardian security Group is registered under the Private Security Organisations Act in Uganda , we are a born and bred security providers.

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©2021 7GS. All rights reserved.          Site by Brand Impressions

©2021 7GS. All rights reserved.          Site by Brand Impressions