Electronic Surveillance

- TSTSec

7GS has a Technical Security Tactical Team that provides support for electronic surveillance through the use of Closed Circuit Television, Motion Detection and Reporting, Perimeter Electronic Fencing, Access Turnstiles, Electronic Locks and Access, Event-Based IP Monitoring system as well as a hosted control room or a client delegated control room.

The 7GS Technical Security Tactical Team is coupled with mobile patrol and armed service to provide an all round security service to our clientele that require a higher degree of security services that integrate electronic surveillance with armed response and or mobile security patrolling.

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7- Guardian security Group is registered under the Private Security Organisations Act in Uganda , we are a born and bred security providers.

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©2021 7GS. All rights reserved.          Site by Brand Impressions

©2021 7GS. All rights reserved.          Site by Brand Impressions