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7GS provides holistic security platforms for the Banking and Finance Sector. The metamorphing of threat assessment and management of the security posturing in Financial Institutions has led to reliance of more Smart Guarding Solutions that emphasise intelligent security provisioning through unarmed security services coupled with electronic surveillance and concealed arm intervention for extreme cases to ensure customer satisfaction.

7GS trains personnel on crime intelligence, smart interrogations of electronic and onsite personnel, video and image data mining, Threat analysis and prevention of crime to ensure that we raise the bar on security provisioning in sensitive institutions. Under the Private Investigations, 7GS has inbuilt capacity to Data Mining, Information Security Consulting, real-time monitoring of Authorisation Authentication and Auditing Platforms as well as Information Security to enable institutions prevent syndicated crime of Information Systems Infrastructure.

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7- Guardian security Group is registered under the Private Security Organisations Act in Uganda , we are a born and bred security providers.

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©2021 7GS. All rights reserved.          Site by Brand Impressions

©2021 7GS. All rights reserved.          Site by Brand Impressions