Unarmed Security Services

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7GS provides a well trained unarmed security personnel quipped with restraint tools such as teasers buttons and Handcuffs. The Unarmed Security services is custom tailored to provide low arm risk installation and services. The unarmed service also provides smart guarding options for high security concealed or no arm environments where personnel training on analytics and first line crime preventions are required.

While the threat level at your location and surrounding area may have the most impact on your decision to hire either an armed or unarmed officer, you must take into consideration the perceived threat that often accompanies the presence of an armed officer. 

Employees, clients, visitors, and customers may question you as to your reason for hiring an armed officer. While you may have information, facts, and statistics to support your pro-active decisions, others may not understand. For this reason, an unarmed officer is sometimes a better choice.

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7- Guardian security Group is registered under the Private Security Organisations Act in Uganda , we are a born and bred security providers.

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©2021 7GS. All rights reserved.          Site by Brand Impressions